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Comments and pictures from the Canine Cuties Mari-May Family.

A Michigan Shihpoo named Sophie Hi; Thought you would enjoy seeing what a beautiful "young lady" Sophie has grown up to be. She is an un-ending source of love, comfort and companionship. We love her more each day and are thankful that there are breeders like you to give us true dog lovers such wonderful pups. - Rosemary, Erich & Sophie too!

Dear Mari-May - I can not thank you and your family enough for the beautiful shihpoo we purchased. She is absolutely beautiful and everything I had wanted in a puppy. She has a great disposition and is a fast learner especially with potty training! My children love her to death, and can not stop holding and playing with her. I have to tell them to leave her alone so she can sleep!

You made the purchasing of a puppy truly easy. It was wonderful that you delivered the pup to us and the transition was very easy.

I also wanted to let you know that my last Shih-tzu was from a puppy mill and she was so difficult to train and had some very bad manners from the beginning. I can already see after two days the big difference between your puppies and the puppy mill. Now I know to only purchase from an experience breeders. If you ever need recommendations, I would be happy to.

Little Bit of Mari-May Toy Poodle Once again thanks again for such a wonderful puppy, I have included some photos of her first day at home. She loves her big back yard! Sincerely, Kim C., MI

Hi, My husband and I drove from the Toledo area up to your home last December (2002) to pick up a little black and white shihpoo pup and are so happy we did. She is a sweet little girl full of love... she is such a good dog! She is only about 7 pounds and as sweet as they come.

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job breeding wonderful, well-tempered dogs. There is a real difference in our Mari May pup compared to the other Shipoos we have owned. She is our 3rd Shihpoo and she is definitely the most well behaved dog we have had. Thank you again, C. C. Toledo, OH

Just want you to know our "Muffin" has adjusted well to our family and is doing great. She is a bundle of energy and what a loveable personality. Thank you for placing Muffin with us - we sure love her! -Carole

 Shihpoo, shihpoos

THANK YOU ALL! It was a pleasure to meet everyone. Our new pup TUCKER is ADORABLE and we are having a great time with him! He has been at two rehearsals and loves our singing and dancing and music.

We named him Tucker because from Toledo all the way home he "tucked" himself into us and then also was "tuckered out". He is very social and playful and SMART.

Again many thanks for your honesty and for our darling new Tucker. Maryann V., Ohio

Dear Mari-May; It does not seem possible that we have had Molly 3 years. She is adorable, loving, and probably the smartest dog alive. She still believes everyone loves her, therefore, so very friendly. She is a wonderful watch dog, yet would never hurt a soul. She favors staying inside yet wanders around her territory just to make sure no animal is taking over. There is a wild rabbit living in the bushes that plays games with her. This rabbit has decided when he stops; Molly will also stop so he keeps just ahead of Molly, teasing her. This ritual can be seen every night just after dark!

We have compliments on her wherever we take her. We take her into pet stores, She loves pet stores. I presume just because it is the only store she gets to visit. At any rate, she prances around that store smelling and looking at everything.

A devoted Shihpoo She loves stuffed toys, so she always walks out with one or two of them. She has such a proud walk, that it is fun to see her and people often comment on her strut. I guess that is part of their make-up but she does it proud!

My husband just had back surgery and Molly is always beside him as if to protect him from anything that might hinder him from getting well. She will put her little head to his face and rub it against him as if saying she is so sorry he has to wear that brace. She is so gentle and protective.

I suppose all dogs are this way and each special in their own way, but we find Molly to be one of a kind and when people tell us how smart she is, we feel God gave us the best of the litter. You would be proud of her. Just wanted you to know she a happy dog and we love her more every day, if that is possible.
God Bless; June H.

Shih-poo Canine Cutie Ralph is doing great! He slept snuggled up to me all night long. He is been bombing around the house like he has lived here all of his life! What a sweet, happy little pup he is!

He is eating well, has a blast playing with all of the toys and is simply a joy to have around.

He was the hit of every airport we were in. Including of the pilot and co-pilot for the trip from Detroit to Baltimore. The pilot held him for a good ten minutes while we were waiting for our plane to come in. He slept most of the way home. Deb D., Maryland

Hi Mari-May, Just a quick note to tell you that Bitsy is doing very well! She is now 10 weeks old and is almost totally housebroken. She loves to cuddle, which I love (her predicessor did not like it much.) And she is so full of joy, we are happy just to be in her company.

She is loved by everyone she meets, and they all comment on her sweet temperament and intelligence. The veterinarian says she is a very nice pup.

Anyway, we are totally in love with our new baby, and take her almost everywhere we go. The trip to northern Michigan was definitely worth it! Ann V.

Schnoodle named Niki

I just wanted to let you know that we LOVE our new puppy. She was really good on the drive home. We stopped and played for a little while and continued on our journey. No accidents on the way home!

We went to the veterinarian. on Friday morning and he made the comment that she was "an excellent pup". Suzie is sleeping and eating well. She particularly likes the scramble eggs. Somehow she eats most of the egg and just a little bit of the puppy food! She also really likes her crate. If I can not find her, she is usually curled up in "her house" chewing on a little rawhide.

Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy and I will keep in touch over the years. Melissa R.

We just wanted to let you know how Koda (male schnoodle, light apricot) is doing. We are truly blessed and thankful to have such a happy and sweet puppy. He is everything that we had hoped he would be!

He has adjusted nicely to his new home and is doing very well with crate training and potty training, as well as the children.

Thanks so much for our new family member! Please feel free to use our name as a reference for Mari-May Schnoodles. Take care; Barb and Jim I.

a yankee doodle Schnoodle dog from Mari May Kennels

Dear Mari-May Kennels, Bently (schnoodle) is such a joy! He is calm and so good. He is not a barker and I can even leave him in his car seat when I go places and he just waits for me quietly - that is an amazing puppy! I can take him everywhere with me - he likes to sleep in the car and is a very sound sleeper at home. Noises do not bother him. He knows how to sit, come and we are working on "down" he walks very well on the leash, he is also learning to drop his toy in front of me - and we have not even gone to puppy class yet!

Thank you so much for a beautiful, wonderfully tempered puppy. He is just like you told me personality wise. His markings are coloring are striking! I have had someone make a U-turn on the street, pull up to the curb next to me as I was walking Bentley just to see him and inquire about his breeding - even the veterinarian wants me to bring info about Mari-May Kennels! -SH, CA

We wanted to give you an update on our schnoodle puppy Kali. She has been with us for about 4 1/2 weeks. She is a very active and playful puppy. She weighed 6.3 pounds at the veterinarian office, where they all love her. We get many offers from them to take her from us - of course, we have to tell them no! Canine Cutie Shihpoo graduate

We all love her to pieces - Kali has been a wonderful addition to our family! Phil & Kelly S., MI

Dear Mari-May Kennels, I know you must received a lot of e mail, and hear this a lot, but I really felt compelled to write you and let you know that I love your web site!!!!! Yours is one of the most informative, and quit frankly encouraging dog information web sites I have been on!! Thank you so much for sharing your story, and your experience. It has truly left an impression on me. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, ~ ~ ~ Nancy W.

Schnoodle buddy Canine Cutie Hello Mari-May, It is about time to check in and tell you about our wonderful Schnoodle, Buddy, and how he is doing. He is only 11 or 12 pounds of unbelievable love and energy! He goes on several hikes a day on all the wonderful paths and trails around R. City and gets to see all the other hikers and their kids and dogs. Everyone always has to stop and tell Buddy how adorable he is--as if he did not know already!

He eats natural dog food and loves it.

His favorite games in the house are: hide the sock, chew the slipper, shred the newspaper. He has never has a potty or chewing accident in the house.

Buddy has become a savvy traveler, as we take him everywhere we go. Riding in the car means sleep to Buddy. For some reason the movement of the van puts him right to sleep. Once a week Buddy goes to visit the residents of Tender Care in R. City. He is the perfect size for them to hold, and how they love to hold him! Somehow he knows what they need and stops his puppy squirming for them. Buddy is a natural fetcher. He loves to retrieve anything and everything--except of course the socks and slippers he steals.

Thanx for breeding such special dogs! Carl and Kathleen W. A Mari May Schnoodle on a Jet Ski

I would like to thank you for our dog, "Kobe" he is a great addition to our family! Thank you, Kim K.

Dear Mari-May Kennels; Our Schnoodle (from Mari-May!) loves to Jet Ski! John & Lisa B.

Franklin Delano Davis Shih-poo from Mari May This is Fraklin Delano Davis (Shihpoo). Frankie, is the love of my life. One of the sweetest and smartest puppy I ever had. I am so happy I have him.
Thank-you Mari-May Kennels!

C.D. Ohio


This is just an update on the adorable female shihpoo that we purchased from you this past April. As you might remember, we named her Zoe. My daughter, with asthma and eczema, was the one that my husband and I were most concerned about when buying Zoe, but as I reported in a phone call shortly thereafter, we have had "zero" allergic episodes!

To say that we love Zoe is actually an understatement. We cannot imagine our lives without her. She is so very bright, affectionate, mischievous, and comical! She has been to Indiana twice this summer (a four hour ride each way) and she absolutely loves riding in the van. My mom lives there and she kept Zoe when the girls and I went to California. If Zoe hears my keys jingle and sees me with my backpack, she races to the door and wants to go along for the ride. She knows what the words "bye-bye" mean and lights up when she hears them. We all crack up in amazement. Everyone at the vet knows and loves her. We have a wonderful dog walker, who affectionately refers to herself as the "doggie nanny" and she comes in during the school year to walk her during the day, and periodically in the summer as needed. Needless to say, she too loves Zoe. We hope to enroll Zoe in a puppy class this fall. I am hoping that she will learn to obey the girls a little more and treat them less like "larger puppies with two legs". (smile) She loves them to pieces but has no regard for them as authority figures. ("Mom, will you tell Zoe to give me back my socks, or hat, or paper, or pencil.........." is what I frequently hear my 12 or 9 year-old cry.) I hope that puppy school helps the girls as well as Zoe! Well that is it for now. I will send pictures soon. Thanks for all you did to see that Zoe had a healthy start in the world. She has made such a wonderful difference in our lives.

Warm Regards, K. S., Franklin, Michigan

Hi; Our puppy had his first birthday yesterday. We could not have gotten a better pup. He is fantastic, He keeps us laughing all the time. He is a character! He does not chew anything up, and lets us know when it is potty time, or when he wants a treat, by setting up and begging paws going faster by the second. He is a perfect traveling companion. He loves everybody he meets, and he also gives the greatest kisses, sometimes jumping up to kiss you.

We are so grateful we drove 240 miles to pick him up! Yes you were right about sleeping on his back, and loving a soft pillow. He is never crated and has the full run of the house, even when we are not there,he bothers nothing. One of his favorite things is going to the basement when we take down the laundry, and riding back up in the empty basket.

He only has about 75 toys but he is content! Thank you for such a good friend you have given us.

G, Michigan

I want to thank you. Our pup has been such a blessing -- he is such a wonderful boy! He is so courageous, curious, smart, and everything else I had hoped for. I can not even begin tell you how much he means to me, and how much I love and appreciate him.

I know he could not have ended up with a better home or found more love anywhere else, and I know I could not have found a more perfect-for-me puppy anywhere.

Today is our second day of training, and you would be amazed! He is such a good puppy!!! He has already learned so many things -- we have a bright future ahead of us.

Thank you so much! I am willing to bet that Mari-May puppies are just the smartest, most wonderful puppies in the whole world --

Thank you for your good work!
C. (from New York...)

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